Intended for daily use and primed for mixing and matching, we make essential glassware that every home needs.

The name Sprezz comes from the Italian idea of “sprezzatura,” an effortless elegance. We celebrate this graceful, nonchalant way of life and we believe deeply in art for the everyday.

Our aesthetic has been deeply shaped by our first love, New York City, the meticulousness of Japan, the feeling of Mediterranean sprezzatura, and the warmth and hospitality of India.

With inspiration from Valentino Garavani, Jackie Kennedy, and Gayatri Devi, setting your table with Sprezz will bring whimsical, dreamlike charm to your dinner parties, and extra color to your favorite meals.

Our artist-designed pieces elevate any tablescape. 

Sprezz hand-blown glassware is manufactured using high-quality borosilicate. Our products stand alone as playfully refined basics or can add whimsy to the heirloom porcelain, silverware, and special pieces you have collected over time.

Our colored champagne flutes or stemless wine glasses make the most perfect and thoughtful gifts for yourself or friends.

We hope our products will inspire you to find joy and sprezzatura in everyday.

You deserve modern heirlooms that are built to last. 

Our glassware is lightweight yet durable, and is designed to actually be used every day. We’ve carefully considered every detail, from high quality, materials such as borosilicate glass in production, down to the sustainable, plastic-free packaging that arrives at your doorstep. 

Infused with a whimsical, dreamlike charm, our products combine non-toxic materials and eco-friendly manufacturing processes with traditional craftsmanship, resulting in glassware that boasts both resilience and enduring appeal.

We know there is no place like home. 

Some of our most cherished memories and meaningful conversations are created around the dining table, which sparked a life-long obsession with creating beautiful environments. Well-designed dinnerware, and elegant tablescapes make these moments extra special, and Sprezz makes it extra easy. 

At Sprezz we believe in building a life well lived, and indulging in daily rituals that create moments of joy.

High-quality tableware. Art for the everyday. 

Sprezz is redefining what it means to gather with friends - or enjoy your own company - at home. We sincerely believe that allowing yourself to indulge in the comfort of your own space may just be the secret to a more fulfilled life. In an ever-changing world, we can always find comfort in sharing a meal with people we love. As you cheers in celebration, we hope our products will inspire you to find joy and sprezzatura around your table each and every day.

Sprezz embraces joy as a manifesto, humor as a must, and light-heartedness as a necessity. This is elevated entertaining.

Image by: Doan Ly
Published Date: November 9, 2023

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A collection of Sprezz's blue colored glass tumblers showcases the brand's prowess in creating colored glassware that's both eye-catching and practical. Ideal for serving wine, water, or any beverage of choice, these glasses add a splash of color to any occasion, from casual dinners to sophisticated celebrations. Set of four stemless wine glasses in forest teal. Colored glassware that can be used as water tumblers, wine glasses, or cocktail glasses. Set-of-four blush pink colored winery glasses. Sprezz's colored stemware and safe glassware are handmade and dishwasher safe, making them the perfect unique touch to any effortless dinner party. Sprezz set of four stemless wine glasses in amber. Safe glassware that are perfect as water tumblers, cocktail glasses, or wine glasses. Sprezz's clear wine glasses, a celebration of simplicity and elegance. Designed for those who appreciate the understated beauty of hand-blown glass, these tumblers are perfect for any beverage, offering versatility and style for everyday use or special occasions.
Romantic Glasses Petite
Set of Four
$110 | +5 Colors
Whimsical Carafe
Whimsical Carafe
Sold Individually
$90 | +1 Color
A set of four cobalt blue champagne flutes unique to Sprezz, designed for modern tables, perfect for adding a splash of color to New York chic Easter parties or spring gatherings. Sprezz's blush pink champagne flute from the Romantic Collection, a perfect example of safe glassware that combines functional elegance with colorful charm for any brunch party setup. Hand-blown clear champagne glasses by Sprezz, crafted from safe, high-quality borosilicate glass, ready to elevate your spring tablescape with a personalized touch of color for any brunch party or Easter celebration."
Romantic Champagne Flutes
Set of Four
$110 | +3 Colors
Four all-purpose clear hand-blown glasses feature a colourful coral on the inside. The glasses are available in amber, lilac, blue, blush pink. Sprezz Whimsical Tumbler Glasses Cobalt Blue | Colored Glassware Set of Four. Sprezz tumbler glass made from durable, non-toxic borosilicate glass. crystal colored glasses designed in Italy by Alessandra Baldereschi Sprezz Whimsical Tumbler Glasses Amber Orange | Colored Glassware Set of Four. A collection of all-purpose coloured glassware featuring an amber coral on the inside A collection of all-purpose clear coloured glassware feature an lilac coral on the inside. Sprezz Whimsical Tumbler Glasses Lilac Purple | Colored Glassware Set of Four Sprezz Whimsical Tumbler Glasses Blush Pink | Colored Glassware Set of Four.  Collection of all-purpose coloured glassware featuring a blush pink coral on the inside.
Whimsical Tumbler Glasses
Set of Four
$100 | +5 Colors

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