Your favorite tableware should be used 365 days a year.

The dinner table is where memories are created. Sitting with others around a table is a powerful human experience. It brings people together from all walks of life and it transcends all language, borders and cultures. We aim to honor this ritual by producing artist-designed, unique pieces that spark conversation and connection.
What is Sprezz?

The name Sprezz comes from the Italian concept of 'Sprezzatura,' meaning effortless elegance. By definition, Sprezzatura [Sprez • Za • Tu • Ra] is a certain nonchalance without effort. Our goal is to create beautiful, high-quality tableware that brings moments of joy and sprezzatura to everyday life.

Our Founder

Originally from Bombay, India, Anam Sadarangani grew up in a household that cherished spending time with loved ones over long dinners. Living up to their name, Sadarangani (which literally translates to 'always colorful'), the family's table was filled with delicious home-cooked meals created by her mother.

This sparked a lifelong passion for beautifully designed tableware in Anam. The only thing she loved more than trying new products was helping her friends curate their dinner tables and wedding registries.

She often heard the same frustration from people about the lack of high-quality, accessibly priced, tableware options. This motivated Anam to build Sprezz, a next-generation tableware brand that collaborates with artists and designers to create modern herilooms that are built to last.

Giving back

We donate 2% of your order value to provide meal plans for women of color who are first-generation college students via The Orchid Foundation.

Love from our customers