High quality tableware. Art for the everyday.

Non-toxic colored glassware worth keeping on display. Our handblown borosilicate Romantic Collections of drinking glasses are dishwasher safe, making celebrations and happy hours at home stress-free. You deserve it: sip your favorite drink of choice with a little extra sprezzatura.
Sprezz Romantic Collection | Stemless Wine Glasses | Margherita Rui |Ichendorf Milano. Cobalt blue champagne flute, blush pink stemless wine glass, blush pink champagne flure, clear champagne glass on a table with flowers and petit fours.
High-quality tableware that brings moments of joy and sprezzatura to everyday life
In an ever-changing world, we always find comfort in sharing a meal with people we love. We believe living in a home you love can help you create the world you want to live in. Our colorful drinking glasses and high-quality tableware small ways to make every day a little more special. Sprezz's collections are designed to be functional art and make the perfect gifts for yourself or a friend.