An empty clear lowball glass with a cancer zodiac sign design is centered in the foreground, placed on a marble coaster atop a beige cloth surface. The glass is framed by vibrant poppy flowers, with a yellow bloom to the left and a red one to the right, both slightly blurred, adding a lively splash of color to the scene.
A hand is pouring a vivid matcha into a lowball glass filled with a well frothed oat milk, creating a striking green swirl as it blends. The glass has a blue Cancer zodiac symbol, and sits on a marble coaster on a wooden table with a beige cloth surface. A single lemongrass stalk lies in the foreground, leaning against the coaster. Brightly colored poppies are softly blurred in the background, adding a pop of red and yellow to the composition.

Cancer Lowball Glass

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Sprezz has teamed up with Design firm Charlap Hyman & Herrero and artist Pilar Almon to create this collection of glassware bearing the star signs. Hand-blown,  each drinking glass is individually marked so that the full suite forms the Zodiac, bringing the heavens to your table.

Capacity: 14.8 oz
Manufacturer: Ichendorf
Designed by: Charlap Hyman & Herrero

4.33" H x 3.15” DIA

Create a perfectly imperfect table with thoughtful, curated pieces to set the tone that are:
Dishwasher Safe
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Two lead-free, clear stemless wine glasses containing vibrant red beverages. These hand-blown borosilicate cocktail glasses are set on a reflective tray alongside a vase of pink tulips and a lit tealight candle, on a natural linen tablecloth, creating a warm, inviting ambiance for your next date night.