3 Pro Tips for Seasoned Hosts

3 Pro Tips for Seasoned Hosts

  1. Lighting is Everything

It’s going to make people look great, or it isn’t. Hospitality means making people feel good and everyone feels better when they look their best. The best way to light a room is the simple rule of three: three sources from three directions in three colors. You must light from above, below and from the side. Overhead lighting (a chandelier) provides the foundation for all the other light in a room. Gentle side lighting (sconces, candles) gives life to the human face. Light from below lifts and firms. Votive candles are the simplest way to get this effect. Always quadruple the number you think you’ll need.

  1. Surprise and Delight!

When planning events, a good rule of thumb is to have something new happen every twenty minutes. Guests should always be kept guessing. A surprise musical performance takes an event to the next level.

  1. Tap Into Social Energy 

Seating can play a key make-or-break role in the success of your event. With the stroke of a pen on a place card, you can frame an entire evening. Spreading the most interesting guests around the room creates multiple anchors for the social energy that is the nectar of a great night. And because most people are either talkers or listeners (only the rarest individual is both, and they get invited everywhere), apply the same principle at each table. Irresistibly charming guests always find each other.